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Hello friends

Today i am going to tell you about a very useful site called as


It is a torrent cloud site which helps you to download torrents easily through downloaders and even you can stream them online so easily through their website.
What you need to do is sign up through the below link and paste magnet link or evem you can upload the torrent file they get the torrent files through their fast servers and store them in cloud space offered for you. Initially you have only 2GB space you can extend it by sharing with friends and also through some activities to be done in youtube,blog,pinterest,twitter.

You will know its value once you use it.
You can use it where torrents are blocked in offices and colleges.

For Internet Download Manager Full version go through the blog post of mine below


Idea USSD Codes

USSD Codes :

1. Self Number :   *1#

2.Balance :            *121#

3.Data Balance :   *432*2#

4.Data Loan :        *111#

How to get back the Lost Wifi password ?

Get back your Lost wifi password so easily

Customising Ubuntu

I have been using ubuntu for the past 5 years and have done a lot of customization which helped me in organizing and optimizing the desktop and system for the time I spent on it. And this is how it looks now. Recently I have seen an answer in quora  regarding the customization done by programmers to their system and received a lot of requests to share how I did my setup. So in this post , I am going give a step by step guide on how to customize the ubuntu desktop. Kindly note that the steps below are based on the customization I have done based on my preferences and may not be suited for your use case. Nevertheless, these customization has proved to be worthy of my time and is helping me a lot as programmer on my day to day work. The system I am currently using a Thinkpad T420 , Core i5 2.5 Ghz  , 16GB ram and 120 GB SSD drive. You can read the post of how to upgrade your Thinkpad here. Thinkpad T420Ubuntu 14.10 LTS1600 x 900 px resolution Most of the customization links / installatio…

An interesting thing about is a huge business that most people aren’t aware of. They account for the majority of Priceline’s current 70 billion market cap. Their strategy has been to focus on conversion optimization. That means the chance of a user ending up booking a hotel given that they visit’s site is much higher than other hotel booking services. The result is that they make significantly higher revenue per visit than their competition, which then allows them to outbid all of them in ad spending, because a click is worth more to them than anyone else. I heard they were the #1 advertiser by revenue on Google Adwords at one point. The fact that they are based in Amsterdam, they are owned by a company whose brand is a smaller internet product, and most of their traffic comes from ad spending, makes people forget about them, but they are one of the biggest and most profitable internet companies.

Business Model of JIO

It is really simple. Most of you are going to pay the same or probably more money to Jio compared to your current network provider. After reading this answer, you will realize what a clever businessman Mukesh Ambani is. I have been following the news about Jio since many years, and have written multiple articles about Jio in the past many months. Why Mukesh Ambani wants to enter networking field so badly? This story requires us to know why Mukesh Ambani is investing so much in yet another telecom company especially when there is already another company named Reliance Communications. In 2002, when Dhirubhai Ambani died, there were some major ownership issues between his two sons - Anil Ambani & Mukesh Ambani. After some public feud between both the brothers for the control of Reliance empire, their mother intervened and split Reliance into two parts in 2005. Anil Ambani got telecom, power, entertainment and financial services business while Mukesh Ambani received Reliance Industries…