Saturday, January 16, 2016

IDM Full Version Including Crack

Hello Guys
I am back with best Downloader IDM(Internet Download Manager V6.23 Build 17)
Please follow the below steps

1.Download Files from the below link
   Click Here

2.Extract it

3.Install IDM from .exe file

4.Depending on 32 bit or 64 bit install respective patch  in the same folder where you have installed

That's it guys Enjoy
If you want to check whether your's is full version or not
You can check in the registration tab of IDM

NOTE: If you update full version which replaces Cracked file and you lose full version.So you should not update IDM there won't be more changes in updated version

Thank You Guys Comment below if you have any problem.

You can watch this video

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


About Internet
Hello Guys...!
Do you all know what exactly the Internet is ?
It can be simply defined as a network of networks which consists of millions of networks.All the websites which we open in our day to day life are nothing but computer or a group of computers(Clustered Computers which have more CPU's to handle more data and processes).So,these computers are identified by their IP address every website has an IP address to identify that it belongs to a particular system.
It will be difficlut to remember the IP addresses of different websites if it was the only way to access the website that is the reason the organisation world wide web has come with a thing called URL(Uniform Resource Locater).
Example: can also be accessed by its IP address
If you want to find the IP address of a website you can ping that website in Command Prompt (windows) or Terminal (Linux)
Ping command is used to know whether that website or any Computer is active or not.It sends some data packets to that website or computer and request it to send it back so if tahts ystem is active it sends back the packets if it is not active they go waste thus we can know whether it is active or not.
If we type "ping"
We can see the ip address and details abput how many packets we have sent and received.This internet is free and everyone can use it so you might get a doubt the why we are paying the mobile operators or other ISP's who ever maybe.
We are not paying for internet we are actually paying to connect to that global network(which is internet).Where google,yahoo,bing,facebook...etc.All these are in a network so we are paying to connect to that network.Mobile operators and other ISP's they need to do some work connecting to all areas.
If we take mobile operators he needs to do the cabling and other things to connect to the globalnetwork he needs to connect every signal producing tower to a place  where he connects to the internet.As 2G 3G 4G comes he needs to install new cable or introduce something else which costs a lot because many people connect.
Now we have got used to internet a lot , mobile operators want to use this and trying to start charging for basic services like whatsapp,google which were free and facebook wants use this situation and make Indians feel good about facebook.Infuture facebook may introduce something like this where we may feel to pay as they were helping us when mobile operators were charging.

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